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WeatherBug Zoom


The Next Generation, High-Definition On-Air
Weather Display System

With Zoom, local broadcasters can leverage the power of more than 10,000 Earth Networks weather stations and 1,500 cameras, to deliver live, local weather content to their viewers.

Tell a Better Weather Story

Zoom provides local stations a competitive advantage by providing exclusive, real-time, hyper-local weather to weathercasts in a way no other stations can match. With Zoom, broadcasters can feature live weather data and time-lapse video from a single location or multiple locations around the metro area, the state or even the country.

Zoom has comprehensive, up-to-the-second weather coverage, reporting a wide range of weather parameters including temperatures, dew point, wind speed/direction and rainfall from anywhere in the vast network of Earth Networks weather stations.

Zoom's sophisticated search capabilities and innovative technology make it easy for weather teams to find key data points easily and quickly; create an engaging and complete weather show within minutes; and update slides without hours of rendering.

In Addition:

Receive Exclusive Severe Weather Alerts

Zoom issues real-time email, SMS and online alerts of severe weather.

Connect with the Community

Choose from photos submitted by the millions of users in the WeatherBug community: severe weather, seasonal, scenic and more.

Differentiate the Weathercast

Zoom is an end-to-end digital system providing the highest quality in on-air visuals with market-exclusive access to the world's largest network of live weather data and images.